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Wedding Traditions FAQ

Wedding Traditions FAQ

Can the Bride and Groom Spend the Night Before the Wedding Together?

No rule that bounds the bride from not spending the night with his bride the night before much like not seeing the bride before the wedding. However, most couples prefer not to because they want to rest well enough for the ceremony. Also, limiting meeting the bride adds to the anticipation of the first look on the wedding day. Religion or culture may hamper the bride from sleeping with the groom before the wedding. It is entirely a personal decision for the bride and groom. If it feels like a punishment to both parties, then there is no rule hindering them from sleeping together.

Why Does the Bride Wear Blue on Her Wedding Day?

‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’ is an old English wedding tradition that has been adopted in many cultures as things you add to the bride’s outfit to complete it and as a good luck charm. Something blue represents purity, love, and fidelity in your new marriage. It also originated from the Catholic Church to signify loyalty and virginity. Presently, it is worn by brides just as a good luck charm from her friends or parents. Something blue may be incorporated creatively in the brides’ attire such as the sash on the bouquet, the nail polish or her shoes.

Why Does the Bride Wear Something Borrowed on Her Wedding Day?

Something old represents what the bride is leaving behind as she enters her new life. It reminds her of the extension to her new family. It is just a little token from her parents, friends or family to prompt the bride to the continuity in her life. Most mothers have this area covered and gifted their daughters with a family heirloom that was passed or something she owns. Some brides borrow something from a strong couple they know like her parents. This item is believed to pour strength into their new union. The item has to be returned after the wedding with a thank-you note.

Is It Bad Luck If It Rains During Your Wedding Day?

As many as there are people who believe in good luck if it rains on your wedding day, there are many more who think it is bad luck. In the Hindu culture, for instance, rain is believed to bring good luck since it foretells a stable marriage. To debunk the myth though, raining on your wedding means just that; it is raining on your wedding day. The bride and groom have to have a strategy to deal with the rain if they get married during a rainy season. The good things are that if it rains on your wedding day, your photographs end up looking fabulous with a darkish hue.