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What Are the Duties of Your Best Man and Groomsmen?

What Are the Duties of Your Best Man and Groomsmen?

No matter the magnitude of your bridal party, you will be needed to comprehend the duties and obligations of everyone involved. So what are the duties of your best man and groomsmen? Some of the duties of a best man are such as helping the groom harmonize other groomsmen rentals and to select, purchase or rent his wedding clothing. Your best man is usually the person in charge of the groom's gang and therefore, he should be the groom's personal confidant and assistant prior to and after the wedding service.

It is the job of the best man to arrange a bachelor party for the groom. He coordinates the party with the assistance of the other groomsmen who help in footing the bill (the expenses can also be split among everyone who graces the bachelor party). The best man also keeps the bride's band until the vows are exchanged while standing beside the groom at the altar during the whole ceremony. As the leader of the groomsmen, it is the job of the best man to ensure that the other groomsmen are fulfilling their obligations as expected.

The best man together with the maid of honor signs the marriage license as witnesses after the wedding service. Another duty delegated to the best man and one that scares most men chosen for this role is giving a toast to the groom and the bride at the reception. It is the duty of the best man to collect all the gift envelopes that are delivered at the reception by guests. The most important role of the best man in any wedding, however, is to offer emotional support to the groom. He is expected to advise the groom, listen to any pre-wedding nervousness that the groom might have and help him overcome it.

Some of the duties of groomsmen, who normally consist of your close friends and family members, are such as helping the groom pick out wedding suits. Groomsmen are the ones who accompany the mother of both the bride and the groom to their seats. They also escort bridesmaids down the aisle before and also after the wedding service is over. Groomsmen are supposed to make the reception as gracious as possible for the guests by talking and even dancing with those ladies who do not have partners present.

The car which the groom and the bride will use to leave the reception needs to be decorated and the people responsible for that are usually the groomsmen. They also ensure that all the newlywed honeymoon suitcases are loaded into the vehicle that the newlyweds will use to leave the reception. Considering all the above responsibilities, clearly the best man and the groomsmen play a very important role during wedding ceremonies. They make the service memorable for the newlyweds by assisting them in every way they can. So choose the right groomsmen and best man and enjoy your special day.