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What Are the Types of Honeymoon and Their Ideal Destination?

What Are the Types of Honeymoon and Their Ideal Destination?

Honeymoons are generally a massive expenditure and that is why it is of huge significance that your investment goes to something unique and special. No matter what type of honeymoon you choose, it should be a remarkable adventure since it will be your first holiday together as husband and wife. There are usually several categories of honeymoon.

One of them is an island honeymoon. This is one of the most sought-after types of honeymoon since it provides equanimity, where you can wipe away the afternoon hours in while relaxing in your water villa pool watching a beautiful sunset. The goal of this honeymoon is to break away from the daily hustle of the urban life, but newlyweds can still find adventure by taking activities such as diving to enjoy the water world and taking a cruise for the both of them. Places endorsed for this kind of a honeymoon are such as Caribbean islands, the Maldives, British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, and Lord Howe Island, Australia among others.

Another type is the safari honeymoon. This is the kind of honeymoon haven that is intended for nature and animal lovers. It provides you a chance of observing some majestic animals roaming freely in the wild. Kenya is a perfect example of an ideal destination for this type of honeymoon. It is one of the most developed countries in Africa with exceptional cultural charisma. In Kenya, you will observe the big five which includes the lion, the leopard, the elephant, and the buffalo while in the comfort of your luxury lodges. Other ideal destinations for safari honeymoon are Tanzania and South Africa.

Another type is the beach honeymoon. This is the type of honeymoon that is suitable for those who do not love flying as they can enjoy a heavenly beach side honeymoon without having to go too far off the island. Some of the ideal targets for this type of honeymoon are Cancun and Mexico.

City honeymoon is the other category of honeymoons available to newlyweds. This kind of honeymoon is meant for culture-loving couples, and it basically allows them to explore the urban nightlife of distinct metropolitans of their choice around the world. Couples can explore amazing architecture, shops, bars, and landmarks. The ideal destinations for this type of honeymoon are Dubai, New York, Rome, among other cities.

The last type of honeymoon is the multicenter honeymoon. This kind of honeymoon allows the couple to visit more than one of the above destinations. They get to choose a honeymoon that has all the above and move from one haven to another. In this honeymoon, you can hop islands, match and mix a beach resort with a city stay. One of the ideal locations for this kind of honeymoon is Chand Mai & Koh Samui in Bangkok, Thailand. Whichever destination you choose, remember to make sure you enjoy yourself to the fullest and go the extra mile to make sure that your experience is truly worthy of your honeymoon.