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What Dress Styles Are Best for Plus-Size Brides?

What Dress Styles Are Best for Plus-Size Brides?

Selecting the best style for a plus-size bride can be tricky. Most of them usually are not sure on which style to go for.  The wedding day is the one day when you should be celebrating with family and friends while looking your best and feeling comfortable in your dress. Some plus-size brides may feel restricted by their size. Here are some wedding dress styles that can make any bride feel special on the wedding day.

A-Line Wedding Dress

This is a wedding dress that looks great on everyone. It can be very flattering if it has an empire waist. It comes in handy, especially if you need more coverage. This dress is exquisite because the waistline starts just under the bust. It flows down, forming an A-line. This dress I would recommend for brides who want discretion.

Ball Gowns 

Ball gowns look great on pear-shaped brides. These gowns usually nip at the slenderest point of your body, which is the waist. These wedding dresses only show small upper half, with the bottom having plenty of fabric. This is meant to leave all else to the imagination. One of the unusual and exciting things about the ball gown is that no matter the body type of the bride, this gown is bound to make the bride feel like a princess.

Mermaid Wedding Gowns 

One of the best things about mermaid gowns is that they give your legs a lot of room. The flair usually starts just above the knees. This gown is designed to give an illusion that the bride has longer legs.

Trumpet Wedding Gowns

Trumpet wedding gowns are quite similar to mermaid wedding gowns. It features a silhouette that hugs the bride’s curves, as it flares downwards. The difference between the mermaid and the trumpet gown is that the trumpet’s flare begins at mid-thigh. This is one of the most popular wedding dress styles for plus-size brides.

Corset Wedding Gowns 

These wedding gowns come with an in-built corset that cinches you in and boosts your bust. This is meant to give your body an illusion of a bigger bust and a smaller waist.

Sheath Gowns 

A sheath gown makes you look taller and leaner. This gown features an uninterrupted line, all the way to the bottom. Sheath gowns have ample structure and sturdy support. This wedding dress is one of the most popular among plus-size brides.

Wedding dresses with a high neck. It is the dream of every bride to look amazingly beautiful on the wedding day. Wearing a wedding dress with a high neck is a sure way of looking great on that day. This wedding gown is low maintenance and gives you long lines. This dress is perfect for brides who want to hide their cleavage or avoid the embarrassment of a wardrobe malfunction on the wedding floor.