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What Is The Price Range For Wedding Venues?

What Is The Price Range For Wedding Venues?

When making preparations for your wedding, one of the first determinations you will make is selecting your wedding locale. The venue usually very important as it helps in the establishment of the right mood for your wedding. It is an essential part when it comes to establishing an exceptional atmosphere as its design usually exemplifies the rest of the wedding theme by adding a unique touch to it. The venue is so crucial that many individuals choose to shape their theme around their chosen venue.

Wedding locales are usually expensive, and you are likely to consume almost half the total wedding allocation on the venue alone. On average in the United States, a wedding venue charged around $5,400. Most of the couples, however, use $2,700 to $10,500; with the pricing depending extensively on a range of factors such as whether catering is included. The only way a couple can make the venue of their wedding ceremony to be economical is if they decide to have their reception and their wedding in separate neighborhoods.

This is because a wedding service is usually briefer than a reception since it does not include catering. $500 is the typical starting fee for wedding venues alone in the US which is much cheaper compared to when catering is included. However, having separate venues for reception and the wedding does not make the overall costs of the wedding party lower. Other expenses such as transportation and other rental services such as chairs will make the total cost higher than that of a wedding celebration with the reception and the wedding ceremony in the same venue.

It is therefore recommended that you hold the two activities in the same venue to save money. These are some of the factors that impact the prices of wedding venues across the country:

  • The size of your wedding. The more guests your wedding will have the more expensive it will be since you will require a larger venue. On top of that, if your venue includes catering, then you will be required to pay per person, which can blow the total cost of the wedding through the roof.
  • The location of the venue. Venues that are located in major cities, usually cost more than those located in the rural areas.
  • The wedding date. The date you choose to get married also affects the price of venue. For example, if you choose to get married on peak season of the venues, then you will have to pay more.

Other small expenses such as taxes and fees, parking, tips, and outside vendor fees also contribute to additional wedding venue costs. Therfore, the best way to save your hard-earned cash on your wedding venue is to cut the guest. Furthermore, ensure that you set your date in the right period as most wedding venue discounts are given in low seasons. The last and probably most important thing is to read all contracts carefully.