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What Is the Wedding Ring Etiquette?

What Is the Wedding Ring Etiquette?

Many couples looking to get married usually have a hard time regarding the rules that define the wedding ring etiquette. However, these issues are quite simpler than you might think. They are much simpler than other aspects of a wedding ceremony. If you want to understand wedding ring etiquettes, one of the things you should realize is that wedding traditions have evolved over the years, and things that were practiced half a century ago are no longer done. Here are some things you should know about wedding ring etiquette.

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring and Band

Many people are usually confused between the wedding band, wedding ring, and the engagement ring. It is worth noting that the wedding ring etiquette requires that the engagement ring should be more stylish and classic, compared to the wedding band and the wedding ring. One of the most prominent reasons for this is the fact that the engagement ring represents the time and moment when the initial proposal was made. This is the time when the groom made it clear to his better half that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with them. This moment is represented by an elegant ring, which reigns over the wedding ring and the wedding band. A wedding band is much cheaper and subtler. The main difference between a wedding band and wedding ring is the fact that a wedding ring is more stylish, but still a version of the wedding band.

Wearing the Wedding Band and the Engagement Ring During the Wedding

If you are planning to wear the wedding band and the engagement ring during the wedding, then you should make sure that you have worn the engagement ring on your right hand as you walk down the aisle. You should put the engagement ring on your left hand on the ring finger after the ceremony. It is worth noting that you should stack the engagement ring on the wedding band. However, some brides choose not to wear the engagement ring during the wedding. It is okay not to wear it during the ceremony; it is simply your choice. The wedding ring should be worn under the engagement ring, to show that it is closer to your heart.

Buying the Engagement Ring and the Wedding Band

Normally, couples buy an extravagant and expensive ring. The wedding rings or bands are exchanged during the wedding ceremony. In recent times, most couples prefer to buy just one ring instead of buying wedding rings and an engagement ring. This is one way of saving money, which can give you a chance to afford other wedding requirements.

Who Should Buy the Ring?

Deciding who buys the ring is a big deal to many couples. According to wedding ring etiquette, the bride should buy the groom’s wedding ring, while the groom buys the engagement ring and the bride’s wedding ring. However, it is worth noting that it is not a must to follow that wedding ring etiquette.

Should the Rings Match?

It is not necessary for the rings to match, but if you want to get matching rings, you can do it. Most couples prefer to buy rings that match the engagement ring. There are some which even merge with the engagement ring to become one ring.