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What Kind of Ring Do You Propose With?

What Kind of Ring Do You Propose With?

There are different types of engagement rings, and some of the most popular types are as follows.

  • Halo engagement ring. An engagement band with this kind of design builds upon the diamond and frames by encompassing it with tinier, spherical diamonds. This enables the diamond to look much bulkier than it is in reality and is the ideal design for those individuals who are looking to add some extra glitter to a diamond engagement band.
  • Three-stone engagement band. This design features a bigger midmost stone with two tinier diamonds to the side. Usually, the main concept behind these engagement bands is that there is a diamond that symbolizes each part of your relationship; the past, the present, and the future.
  • Solitaire engagement ring. This is the typical choice of the majority of people as it is the original engagement band design. Solitaire refers to a ring that has only one stone and most individuals like it because of its traditional roots and splendor.
  • Shoulder set engagement ring. This style has diamonds set into the ring with the shoulder contributing to a fresh touch to the long-established solitaire engagement band. It has some additional stones around the rim that enables it to attract people's attention without diverting it from the center where the main stone is.

But is it a must for you to go on your knees using a diamond ring? The answer is no. If you do not have an engagement band ready when proposing, you can use a token ring instead. A token or promise ring is the band that you use to propose to your partner so that you can later go and select the main engagement ring together. This is usually for those people who are unsure about the kind of ring that their partner would like or for those people who do not have enough money at the moment. Promise rings are very crucial since they take away the worry of personal style, ring size, and you do not have to get anxious about your partner liking your band of choice.

Some people do not have a taste for precious stones, or your partner might have a family ring at her disposal, whichever case it is, a token ring is a great asset if you are not sure about such kind of things. The following are some of the things to consider when purchasing a promise ring.

  • Ensure that it is of the appropriate size and even though it's not made up of emeralds. Sapphires and diamonds ensure that it is gorgeous but affordable since you want to save cash to buy the real deal.
  • Have the promise ring in a charming box when you get down on your knee.

When you opt to go for a token ring that imitates a diamond ring, please do not go for a band with a bigger stone than you can actually afford to purchase in the real engagement ring.