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What Music Should Be Played at the Reception?

What Music Should Be Played at the Reception?

Choosing the music to be played at the reception is a tricky affair. Music comes in different genres and from various artists. Since there is music for every generation, it all comes down to the knowledge you have of music. It is a good idea to find a DJ to be present at your wedding.

At the reception, the groom and his bride are expected to entertain the guests with their best dancing moves.  The DJ should respect the genre of music you would like to be played and should also be flexible. That demands individual experience to catch up with the trending and classic hits, whose demand is never-ending. There are tips you need to consider when you choose the music to be played at the reception.

  • Have the DJ keep the playlist simple. The playlist should be kept simple with the help of your music choice. Your music preference will help the DJ compose a very accommodating playlist, to reach out to all guests, respective of their age differences.
  • The DJ should play the right songs at the right time. The DJ is supposed to link up with the organizer at the reception so that he can line up his songs according to the program. If the couple is supposed to dance at a specific moment, the DJ is equally aware and will play the right music.
  • Hire a professional DJ. This is done for a reason. The experience and exposure that a DJ possesses is the key to making your event a success. If you hire the services of an unqualified DJ, you are likely to have a hard time trying to come up with a good playlist. But if you hire a professional, chances are he is familiar with the wedding atmosphere and knows exactly the type of music to perform at the reception.

You should be very considerate when you select the playlist and have in mind that your favorite genre may not be ideal for others. Always strike a balance with music, so that you can please the whole lot.

It is equally important to play music that resonates with the wedding theme. Classics are most preferred, they rekindle the romantic mood, and everyone can feel love floating in the air. Playing the current hits is also fair to the young generation attending the wedding and makes them feel appreciated.

When you are selecting the playlist, you need to consider which style of music suits each section. This is better achieved with assistance from a professional DJ, who has played on many occasions.