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What Not to Forget on Your Wedding Day

What Not to Forget on Your Wedding Day

The wedding day has finally come, and you and your future mate have given your all-in planning for this special day. Admittedly, the wedding day is a critically detail-specific event to prepare for, and even the best of them all may sometimes not get down all the details. The wedding planner is also essential to a certain extent and may not be able to assist to the smallest excruciating detail of your special day. So here is a compiled list of the things that most newlyweds forget to bring.

The foremost on the list is the marriage license. It is quite easy to forget this crucial legal piece of paper amidst the chaos of the morning preparation. Before the wedding day, you and your partner have naturally applied for the license or in case of a church wedding, the pastor in charge may assist. Having the license on hand when needed ensure that you have a stress-free wedding ceremony. In the same case, it would be good to ensure that the best man has the wedding rings in place for when they are required. It would be so nerve-wracking and awkward to have someone go back to the home of preparation to get these items. Also, it is your duty as a bride or groom to ensure that you have your vows at hand.

The cake knife is a little cutlery that may ruin the cake cutting occasion. In most cases, the cake vendor or the caterer may provide one. However, it is vital to ensure that one or both of them make the knife available. In connection with the above, it is essential to have all the vendor numbers not only in the wedding binder but at hand also.

The honeymoon bag is also necessary to have if you are leaving for the honeymoon immediately after the ceremony. This may also have a change of clothing for the bride and groom for the after party or the reception. It is also essential to have a first aid kit or a partial emergency kit at hand in case of any mishap. It is not necessary to have one during your wedding but is advisable.

If you are traveling immediately after the ceremony as most couples do, do not forget to bring the passports and identification cards and to ensure that they are renewed and not due for expiration on the day of travel.

In conclusion, remember that it may be tough for the two of you or your maid of honor and best man to remember these details. Therefore, a wise idea would be to get every member of your bridal party to assist by being in charge of each item with the best man and the maid of honor being overall in charge of everyone. In addition to assigning duties, you should hand a checklist to your wedding planner or the best maid or matron of honor to ensure that every single item is taken care of.