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What Should the Bride Wear for a Winter Wedding?

What Should the Bride Wear for a Winter Wedding?

Here are some things to consider when picking the most suitable dresses for the chilliest season.


To give extra warmth to an outfit, sleeves are a must. Whether you choose three-quarter length sleeves or just stick to short sleeves, it’s important to cover your shoulders. Every little bit of coverage will help keeping the chills at bay.

Highly recommended are embellished sleeves and decorative waist details to maintain people’s attention on your top, because what is keeping you warm is simultaneously the most striking and beautiful part of your dress. You don’t have to sacrifice style when staying warm.

Also, highly regarded for winter weddings are simple, elegant designs with off-the-shoulder looks that are a trend for the winter, but also the New Year. In addition, they allow for full-length sleeves and still could be called sexy and sophisticated.


Winter brides can also warm up with the use of layers. Some consider layering either as not being possible or not being a good look for wedding outfits. However, larger A-line skirts do help hide the layers of warming material.

Some bridal design are ideal for covering an underskirt or two, and even a pair of tights! Having these layers and perhaps a stunning bodice detail would make up for suffering from cold arms and shoulders on your big day. You could even go for a fur shrug, for that extra special vintage look.

Adding a beaded bodice would also lend the gown a Christmas feel, as well as some sparkle, to blow away the cobwebs of the dullest winter days.


Speaking of sparkle, it really is a winter-wedding essential. It could be included in the dress or in any of your accessories. All-over crystal beading could be complemented, with a delicate one-shoulder look, to create a Great Gatsby look.

Other styles that look particularly good in winter include warm ivory tones that instantly warm up a chilly winter wedding. Elegant detailing on a bodice can give just the right amount of sparkle.


Collars come into their own as a top trend for winter and weddings that may take place in the New Year.

Collars are a very contemporary detail for a modern wedding dress and are great choices for alternative celebrations or for when the bride wants to stand out from the crowd.

Collars create beautiful and various necklines. They also give the dress an elegant edge.

With simple lines, a dress can make more of a statement with all your winter accessories or your winter bouquet of in-season flowers.

For a more traditional look that is still in the cool collar trend, a lovely lacy number with a sophisticated rising neckline would do the trick. It could lengthen the neck and frame your face beautifully.

When you choose this style of look, it’s a good idea to keep your hair up, to really show it off. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a lace collar for a winter wedding!