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What to Do If You Have Too Many Potential Bridesmaids

What to Do If You Have Too Many Potential Bridesmaids

Whether you are a social or an introvert lady, there is no particular right number of bridesmaids prescribed for a wedding, but the truth is, there is such a thing as too many bridesmaids in a wedding ceremony. It tends to be overwhelming for a bride to handpick for her bridesmaids from her list of friends, family, and ladies who requested to be in the bridal party. A manageable number of bridesmaids is essential to have an easier time on the morning of the wedding and for ease of the wedding budget. The bride should be able to choose since not all her closest people should be by her side on her special day and here is how to make a choice.

To maintain the exclusivity of your wedding ceremony, you need to select the best choice of ladies that will make up your bridal party. To begin with, you should pick your closest friend who ensures that your stress levels are kept on the down-low on this beautiful day. It is a fact that not all of your closest friends are your best friends. Whoever, your best friend, is, whether family or not should be your first choice for the bridal party.

In connection with the above point, you need to cut out all friends who may not have been in support of you and your fiancé's relationship. The other types of friends to slash out of your bridesmaids' list are the ones who live far or are far too busy to assist in the planning of the wedding. Also, you should reconsider any of the ladies that you have included due to pressure or guilt exerted on you. For instance, ladies invited because they made you a bridesmaid in their nuptial ceremony.

The bottom line is that blood is thicker than water hence if you have a choice between the two, you should put you and your fiancé's family first before everyone else.  Not inviting the in-laws or your own family may brew up problems that you may not be ready to deal with and may turn any bitter relationships for the better.

Depending on how you break the news, your girl will appreciate and understand you. You should be courteous enough to talk to them personally to explain your circumstances. There are many ways to make all your girlfriends be invested in your wedding. You could throw a pre-party or a wedding shower depending on your budget that includes all ladies instead to make all of them feel like they play a significant part in your big day. You could also, hand out other duties such as the master of ceremony or the present coordinator that involve every one of your special ladies. You could also pick the ladies' children to be flower girls or page boys in the bridal party instead.

In conclusion, this is your special day; hence, you need to love your partner and yourself above all else, and all criticisms shouldn't matter. Remember if someone is your friend, they should be able to understand the bridesmaid's crises and make your wedding plans smoother.