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What to Expect From Your Wedding Planner

What to Expect From Your Wedding Planner

Planning your own wedding celebration is a very demanding undertaking. Immediately after you pick the date for your wedding, you change your focus to finding the right venue. It is during this time that questions start racing through your mind: Which are your favored vendors? How much cake will you require? Will you have in-house catering? What is your theme? Whom do you invite to your wedding celebration? Eventually, all these inquiries crush even the most coordinated individual, and this is where a wedding planner can take over to ease the burden so you can focus on other things.

So what exactly does a wedding planner do? Creating a timeline and a checklist are some of the services offered by a wedding planner. This is where you open up to your planner about all the details you would like to see integrated into your wedding. After having this information, your planner will create an agenda and a timeline for your big day ensuring that everything goes as planned. Another duty of a wedding planner is the creation of your wedding budget. The planner develops a financial plan that is informed by your priorities, needs and your spending power and ensures that the allocation is followed throughout.

You should expect your wedding planner to coordinate your vendor. The planner can ensure there is extensive vendor management by providing personalized vendor referrals to match you with la crème de la crème of wedding professionals for your style and budget. Your planner can also be your main point of contact for all vendors, assisting with menu management and catering negotiations, reviewing and negotiating contracts, and managing orders and deliveries.

In instances where your wedding planner doubles as a designer, you can get your planner to work with your theme to come up with a design for your wedding ceremony. He can do this by analyzing your unique details, helping you find a venue, and by creating a color preference for you. Expect your wedding planner to take over the coordination of the day for you. Your wedding day should be a day of happiness and bliss, not stressing yourselves over things going or not going according to plans. Your wedding planner can take over the coordination of the day ensuring that everything runs smoothly while you get ready to enjoy the best day of your life.

On your wedding day, it is the burden of your wedding planner to appear at the venue early to answer any question that may come up and to oversee all vendor set-ups. The planner should be the intermediary between the vendors and the newlyweds on their big day. It is the duty of the planner to ensure that the bride, groom, photographer, and band or DJ are all informed of all events and their order from the grand entrance, cake cutting, garter toss, and the first dance. In short, wedding planners are very important as they have the ability to alleviate your burden and even lower your wedding cost through industry connections.