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What to Look for When Booking Your Honeymoon Lodging

What to Look for When Booking Your Honeymoon Lodging

It does not matter if you go on your honeymoon straight after your wedding or delay it for a while. Booking your honeymoon hotel is a very exciting part of the planning process. It not only sets the tone for your honeymoon getaway—chic city penthouse, isolated and cozy mountain villa or a breezy ocean cottage— it also gives you something to look forward to after all the effort that has gone into tying the knot.

Once You Have Made Your Choice, You Can Then Make the Booking

It’s a good idea to book your honeymoon as far ahead as possible - six to eight months before the big day is advisable if possible. By booking early, you will ensure there is a good selection of lodgings, options, and rooms. You may save money by booking later, but it’s a risk.

To guarantee as little stress as possible, think about putting the arrangements in the hand of a travel agent. Agents can save you money as well as hassle. When you discuss plans with the agent, be as honest as possible about budget and priorities because they can help you choose the cost-effective time to book.

Planning on Your Own

It’s a good idea to have a look at the honeymoon travel guides you’ll find on The Ring online. We can give you a sense of location and best hotels in an area.

When you call, do so directly instead of any toll-free reservations numbers. Call center customer service representatives may not have even been to the hotel of your choice so probably can’t help with advice about which room would be best or the promotions and packages available.

Always make it clear that you're booking for your honeymoon. The chances are you may even score a free upgrade.

Also, do not forget to ask about any hotel packages that may be available. Add-on packages can do a lot to enhance your stay and spare you even more stress.

Not only do they pull together many of indulgences so you don't have to concern yourself about extra organizing—for example chilled champagne and fresh flowers in the room when you arrive, or the daily breakfast that is included in the cost of your stay, or any excursions—but also some packages deal with hassles like tips.

The way to evaluate packages is whether it saves you money and if it adds value. It’s important to establish the quality of whatever is included.

It’s so easy to overlook small details like the check-in and check-out times. You need to ensure these align with your arrival and departure plans and how flexible the hotel can be.

If you have chosen to honeymoon in a tropical location, be very aware that some resorts don’t offer beach access on the property so you may have to travel a short distance. It’s worth checking if transportation is provided by the hotel.  If you want to be able to roll from your bed straight into the pool, make sure your room is where you want it.

Do the hotel and the room you have selected have all the facilities and amenities you desire? It may be 24-hour room service, supply of plush robes or a nearby indoor pool. Is your bed size appropriate for your needs – after all when you are on honeymoon, nothing less than a proper king-size bed is acceptable!