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Which Knee Do You Get on When Proposing?

Which Knee Do You Get on When Proposing?

The issue of which knee should be bent is supposed to be an effortless decision which should really have no effect on how the proposal goes, but it is not as simple as we think it should be. This is something that can have some ramification on other things, so which knee specifically is supposed to bend? Custom dictates that it is the left knee that should bend, and the right knee should remain up. The ring box should be held by the left hand and opened by the right hand. So why go down on your left knee? You may wonder. This kneeling stance is the same posture that was being used when being knighted as it symbolized honor, surrender, and respect. 

Therefore, a man gets on one knee to lower himself before the woman he longs to spend the rest of his life with as an act of modesty, respect, and love. Most of the guys are usually anxious when they decide to pop the question to the woman of their dreams. They get concerned about whether or not they will be able to do it the proper way since this is generally a huge turning point. If your proposal gets accepted, it means that you are both about to commence upon the next chapter of your lives which is marriage.

So, even before you get on your knees, what are some of the things that you should do to ensure that everything goes as planned when popping the question? One of the first things that you should do is to test the waters. This means that you and your partner find some time to talk about marriage, this way; even before you go on your knees, you will have the idea if your partner feels the same way about marriage. If your partner is not looking forward to getting married then, that should be a sign for you to stop any plans regarding proposing. The other thing is to make sure the proposal is an ambush. Even though you have discussed marriage, don't be too obvious.

Making the proposal a surprise is exciting and refreshing to your partner. For you to pull this part off, you have to be adequately prepared. This means that you have to practice on how you will go about the whole scene. Write down what you want to say when proposing and master it, make sure to say those words out loud a few times. The other thing is to ensure that you have the ideal engagement band. Ensure the ring that you will give your partner is the suitable one since it is a symbol of your lifetime pledge. Also, it is essential for you to talk to her folks before you propose to her. Getting the blessings of her parents is crucial and very respectful. After that just select a perfect location, be creative and bend the knee.

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