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Who Is Supposed to Lift the Bride’s Veil?

Who Is Supposed to Lift the Bride’s Veil?

Various theories come with the bride wearing the veil as she walks down the aisle. The most relevant among them is that the veil symbolizes the sense of ownership and purity as well.

That fact indicates that the person who lifts the veil is much honored. That defines how important the veil is to a bride. People from different cultures have different opinions on who should lift the bride’s veil, but the right to lift the veil is reserved to one of the two persons. Among the two who are allowed is.

  • The person who walks the bride down the aisle. In most cases, you will find that the father of the bride is given priority to walk arm in arm with her daughter down the aisle. As a parent, a mentor and a role model, the father is given that chance, as a moment of reality that the daughter he has loved since she was born, has grown to be a woman and is ready to start her own family with another man, who she is about to trust with her life. It is not that easy to give your daughter’s hand in marriage, and it takes a man of courage. The reason why the father of the bride is given the honor of lifting the veil is to have him enjoy the beauty of her face one more time, as he used to when she was young. He is about to give her away to another man, and she will be referred to as someone’s wife once she gets married, so he deserves that respect.
  • The groom. The groom is another candidate who can lift the bride’s veil. There are good reasons to have the groom lift it. If the bride is a virgin, the groom lifts the veil to symbolize that the bride has been faithful to the last day and that her purity belongs to her partner. The other sign is that of ownership, as the groom feels like a prince who has finally met the beautiful princess, the love of his life. It is very fair to give the groom a chance to express his true feelings to this lovely being. Even the bride feels special when the man she has dedicated her life to happens to see her face first before she takes the vows. It is quite reassuring.

When the groom lifts the veil, it is an act of love, and it makes the bride feel much appreciated. That is a moment that the bride will never forget. It is a moment she will treasure all her life. So, when you are given that opportunity as her fiancé, do it without hesitation and do it right. Don’t shy away from kissing your lovely princess. Gather courage and go for those precious lips; even the parents will understand the intensity of the love you have for each other.