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Who Should Arrive at the Wedding Ceremony First? Bride or Groom?

Who Should Arrive at the Wedding Ceremony First? Bride or Groom?

If you plan to have a wedding ceremony worthy to remember, the most fundamental aspect that you need to consider is time. This involves arriving at the wedding ceremony in good time. The wedding organizer has a responsibility to advise the couples to be on schedule and to tell them when they are expected to arrive for the wedding ceremony, so it takes place according to the plan. The groom and groomsmen should be the first to arrive and the bride and her maids to come last. There are various reasons as to why the groom arrives earlier than the bride. Among the reasons are.

  • It is a tradition. The issue of the groom, together with the groomsmen arriving at the wedding ceremony first has been a tradition. This is because the groomsmen are considered to be the event ushers, and they are supposed to make sure that everything is going according to plan. Imagine a wedding ceremony where the bride and her maids arrive, only to find that the groom and his team have not yet arrived and they are forced to wait for them. That would be very unfair to the bride and her maids because whoever they would be waiting for will steal the show. That would make the bride less important on that special occasion. The wedding day is regarded as a special day for the bride, so there is no sense of keeping her waiting.
  • For the sake of convenience. We can’t afford to keep the bride waiting for anyone. The bride is a big deal at the wedding ceremony. The bride and her maids should be well received. After her motorcade comes in with a grand entry, the guests are expected to welcome them with a standing ovation. It is the responsibility of the groomsmen to ensure that the bride gets the hospitality she deserves. The bride’s arrival means the wedding ceremony is ready to start.
  • To show good etiquette. It would be very thoughtful of you, as a groom, to show your bride how you care about her with an act of patience. Waiting for the bride will be proof that you are truly in love, that you respect her and trust her as well. A gentleman gesture is worth it on the wedding day, as it is the genesis of the lifetime commitment you are about to make.

The bride should be treated with a lot of humility on the wedding day, to boost her spirits and make her feel loved and worthy. The groom and the best man should make sure that all is well prepared, and that in case some adjustments are needed, they are done in good time before the bride arrives, to avoid any inconvenience.  

Nothing should ruin the occasion. The wedding ceremony is purely dedicated to the bride, so to make her feel great and appreciated is the best thing you can do for her. The bride does not have to wait for the groom. The groom should be patient and wait for her beautiful princess.