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Who Should Walk the Bride down the Aisle?

Who Should Walk the Bride down the Aisle?

Marriage is a very demanding event where the couple exchange life binding vows. It is a special occasion to the bride and her groom, as they commit their lives to each other. It has been a tradition to have the bride escorted to the altar, where she meets her better half, and they are joined together in holy matrimony. The bride is given the freedom to choose the person who will hold her hand as she walks down the aisle. The decision comes after an honest and sincere soul-searching. The bride prefers to select someone who holds a special place in her heart. This is a gesture of honor and respect to that chosen person. Different factors may influence the bride's choice, but the most preferred candidates to walk her down the aisle are.

  • Her father. When the bride chose her father to walk her down the aisle, it is a positive gesture from a daughter to her father and an act of honor. The father feels proud, and it displays the great relationship between them. These are the moments when the bride needs support from her loved ones. If the dad has always been there for his daughter, this is the time when she needs dad’s shoulder close to hers. Many see it as a tradition, and the father is best suited to escort the bride hand in hand down the carpet to meet her fiancée.
  • The father figure in her lifetime. There are some special cases where you find that the bride lost her father at a tender age and was brought up by another man, who assumed the role of a father. The person may turn out to be her stepdad, uncle or grandfather. If that person has contributed father-like values to the bride, he deserves an opportunity to walk her down the aisle, as a way of showing gratitude. For those who are only left with the mother, they should not shy away from having their mother walk them down the aisle. It is better to have your mom escort you than to walk alone.
  • Choosing to go alone. In-case whereby you are getting married for the second time, you may want to walk alone down the aisle. This may be a result of losing the father, or if the bride feels that the father’s position is irreplaceable and so she decides to walk alone. She may also do so at her free will.

Other couples decide to walk together as their parents follow closely behind. It all depends on one’s belief and religion.

You should be very cautious before you choose who to walk you down the aisle. You are advised to choose a person who supports the idea of you getting married and who respects your partner. After all, it is all about your happiness on that special occasion, so be wise as you choose from your loved ones.